Maybe it’s a man thing…

Just a thought….

If women find it hard to talk about their mental health issues, how much more men??

How do men cope with their mental health? I mean if we look at coping methods and unfortunately they are not always healthy; men self harm just as much as women but it goes undetected.

Is this because the most dangerous forms are the ones which are seen as socially accepted like smoking and drinking?  It starts with one here and there, then creeps up to more – a secret habit is formed, eventually addiction – it becomes a need. A way of coping, dutch courage, a crutch, (acceptable in their mind because they are not hurting anyone – discluding themselves). Thoughtless, even self centred choices and life changing decisions are made in order to feel better about themselves.  All the while not realising the real damage they are doing.

Please don’t get me wrong, substance misuse (in whatever form) is not just what I am talking about here. Take exercise for instance, it’s a good thing to do in moderation. When one begins to push themselves beyond reasonable limits…the question is why? Is your image in that much need of repair?  What are you trying to exercise away; ignore or cope with?

In a world where men are having to not only compete with peers; they now have just as focused, determined, qualified and accomplished women to run against. Is it really so surprising then that men are losing their true identity; having to prove they are worthy and capable more than ever, compared to any other previous generation. Lines are now blurred, workplaces shared and roles are no longer strictly male orientated.

While women are being liberated and recognised within the workplace. I do wonder how this really impacts on the mental health of men. No this is not a’ women should stay in the home’ rant because I also disagree with that thought too. The new generation may see this trend as norm but does it not still affect their own self image and identity just as much as the older ones? putting a very silent and deadly strain on their mental health. Being competitive is one thing, it’s even healthy but when it comes to identity and role within society at large, I wonder if this great role change has far deeper implications than we are willing to admit let alone acknowledge and investigate.

I have come to understand that men of all ages need to know who they are and what their role is. Without clear definitions of this, men seem to wander through life aimlessly and confused about the demands and expectations put upon them.

Let’s work together. Not over power and dominate each other; but stand side by side empowering one another to be all that we can be.


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