Grief and Loss

We all have or will suffer at some point in time grief and loss.

No matter your age, social status, economic or academic level; in this we are all the same. No holes barred, no differences, barriers or prejudices can separate us.

“What?” you say?

Yes grief and loss unites us.

We all lose stuff and people. We all grieve.

My tears and pain are by no means any different to anyone else’s or theirs to mine. 

How or at what point I begin to show my grief is entirely up to me but not so unique to me; for in this there is solidarity; sameness; compassion; understanding and a strength that comes from knowing, one is not alone.

Even when it feels like the most isolating experience at the time.

At times it may even feel never ending.

The emptiness; loneliness; heartbreak; shock and despair.

Nothing lasts forever, and in time even the toughest experience of grief will fade into a dim hum that can be heard every now and then, as the memory encounters a smell; song or place.

Grief can isolate if you let it. Yes, even in grief you have a choice.

But I feel the best thing we can do for ourselves is to allow grief to use our loss to bring solidarity and as a platform to encourage and birth change.

Grief and loss are our emotional response to something encountered or experienced. We have many endings in life and a majority of those are final but remember endings are not all absolute; only death is.

How we visualise and choose to deal with endings will determine how and to what severity they affect us.

So if you have put off doing some much needed house-keeping whether emotional, psychological or physical, bear this in mind….

You do not need to fear endings for they are healthy and help you to transition from one place to another. No matter how painful at first, eventually the choice is still yours to either remain stuck or use it to propel you.     


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